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Hot forced Air System for Heating aggregates Steam Generator for concrete curing or heating aggregate. 


Water & Aggregate Reclamation Systems 

O discharge, reclaim paid for appregate & water for reuse, Introduce filter cakes as sand product or for agricultural lime to be spread on fields or for rebuilding soil. 

We offer a wide range of plant equipment including, but not limited to: Portable, mobile or stationary systems that can be all on one platform or individual pieces that fit together. Standard ready mix production of 150 yds per hour from off the shelf plants to 450 yds per hour from custom plants. All major brands of automation on new plants as well as custom automation on specialty equipment. Specialty plant equipment for coal burning power plant ash conditioning. Remediation plants for ash and dust disposal at landfill sites. Silos from 680 cubic feet to over 25,000 cubic feet of storage.


Badger State Equipment Company Inc. offers a wide range of mixing technologies. 

Application determines the correct mixing equipment and no one technology fits all mixing conditions. This is why we offer twin shaft, planetary, reversing drum, tilt, and pan mixers. What works for a highway paver is not right for a ready mix or precast. Let us help put you into the best possible mixing products, not the only one we have. We offer size ranges from 1/2 yd to 14 cubic yds. 

Aggregate Heating, Cooling & Curing Systems

We can provide complete automation packages in PC or PLC modes. As an OEM, we can supply all major brands. We have access to all major suppliers of Moisture probes, Silo weigh systems, weigh out aggregate batch systems in accum and decum, and liquid weigh batchers and meters. 

Plant Equipment